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Snapchat has raised another $1.8 billion

  • The app was reportedly serving up 10 billion video views per day in April.
  • The app, which started as a way to send disappearing pictures, has grown into a powerhouse messaging platform that is also moving steadily into broader media and video.
  • Snapchat has raised a massive $1.8 billion round of funding, a move that should keep it flush with cash as it attempts to make a business out of its app.
  • The funding announcement comes just six months after Snapchat had become the poster child for what many believed was a bubble in private tech valuations.
  • The new investment brings Snapchat’s total funding to $2.65 billion, according to Crunchbase.

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@mashable: “Snapchat has raised another $1.8 billion just months after being the poster child for the new tech bubble.”

Everyone’s favorite disappearing picture app is getting very good at making money appear — at least from investors.

Snapchat has raised another $1.8 billion